Cochlear development and therapeutic perspectives

Institut de l'Audition

Axe 1 : Génomique, cellules humaines, reprogrammation et neuro-organoïdes

Characterization of the cellular and molecular mechanisms underlying the establishment of the spatial organization of the auditory organ-control of the spatial organization of inner ear organoids

My group is focused on two main axes. First, understanding how the cochlea, the hearing organ, develops into a spatially organized time-frequency analyzer. Second, improving the generation of inner ear organoids as a model for screening purposes in the context of human gene therapy. These two axes are complementary because understanding basic principles of inner ear development is instructive to improve the making of inner ear organoids. Conversely, inner ear organoids can be used as a 3D in vitro model to address basic principles of self-organization during inner ear development, in addition to screenings for translational research. The more general perspective of the project is to define a conceptual and methodological framework providing the means to understand how complex large-scale tissue organization emerges during mammalian epithelial development. Understanding these mechanisms is crucial to engineer functional auditory sensory organoids from stem cells in the context of gene therapy and regenerative medicine.

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63 rue de Charenton, 75012, Paris

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Raphaël Etournay
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