Structuring project: Human and animal cognition in real and virtual environments


This project aims to facilitate translational approaches by sharing and adapting cross-species experimental protocols, by harmonizing experimental contexts towards everyday realism (enriched and navigable modular platforms) that are transportable and controllable (virtual and augmented realities) and powerful analysis and modeling tools on large datasets ranging from individuals to groups of individuals. Cognitive sciences bring together sophisticated methods and techniques (psychophysics, eye-tracking, motion-tracking, fMRI, EEG, MEG, TMS...). Behavioral analysis laboratories can now be exported to natural, augmented and virtual environments: this opening is accompanied by the acquisition of extremely rich data and a growing need for structuring and synergizing scientific, technological and methodological efforts in data management, analysis and modeling for fundamental, clinical and applied research purposes. Our objective is to build, develop and transmit ambitious and innovative interfaces of behavioral exploration and mechanistic analysis that will allow us to understand the major cognitive functions, their development and their pathologies.


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