Structuring project: Organoids and human cells structuring project


Differentiation of human iPSC cells allows the study of cellular processes or genes specific to humans. This approach complements animal studies and reduces their use. It also provides access to pathological tissues to study the etiology of diseases and to test therapeutic approaches in preclinical human models. Finally, this method allows to address aspects of multigenic diseases that are difficult to model in animals, such as certain psychiatric diseases. The goal of this initiative is to develop a regional platform to promote academic and industrial access to human in vitro models, in particular to organoids of different regions of the nervous system for basic and preclinical studies.


Ms. Stéphanie Bigou, Paris Brain Institute*

Ms. Cécile Charrier, Institut de Biologie de l'Ecole Normale Supérieure*

Ms. Lydia Danglot (alternate: Ms. Julie Nguyen), Institute of Psychiatry and Neuroscience of Paris*

M. Vincent El Ghouzzi (alternate: Ms. Sophie Lebon), NeuroDiderot*

M. Stéphane Nedelec (alternate: Ms. Simona Gribaudo), Institut du Fer à Moulin*

M. Philippe Ravassard, Paris Brain Institute*

Ms. Amélie Slembrouck (alternate: M. Olivier Goureau), Institut de la Vision*

M. Nicolas Auger, ICV-iPS research engineer; Coordinator of the iPS/Neuro-organoid network of the DIM C-BRAINS*

M. Kamal Bouhali (alternate: Ms. Vanessa Ribes) enSCORE, Institut Jacques Monod*

M. Jean-Philippe Deslys (alternate: M. Thomas Lemonnier) Sup'Biotec/CEA-Sepia*

M. Frank Yates, Sup'Biotec/CEA-Sepia

M. Raphael Etournay, Institut Pasteur

Ms. Fiona Francis, Institut du Fer à Moulin

M. Bassem Hassan, Paris Brain Institute

M. Uwe Maskos, Institut Pasteur

M. François Rouyer, The Paris-Saclay Neuroscience Institute

Ms. Sophie Creuzet, The Paris-Saclay Neuroscience Institute

*Steering Committee

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