Opening of the call
20 December 2022
Date of submission of PhD project
20 December 2022
Deadline of submission of PhD project
10 January 2023
Opening student’s applications
16 January 2023
Deadline for students applications
03 March 2023
Date of the formalized researcher + student pair
31 March 2023
Date pré-sélection Etudiants
30 November 1899
Selection date for the students
24 May 2023
Deadline of the call
26 June 2023
PhD Program 2022-2023

Please find below the summary of the selection process of the DIM C-BRAINS PhD program.

Researcher’s application :

Submission of PhD projects by DIM C-BRAINS’ researchers

NB: The DIM C-BRAINS PhD program follows the rules of the doctoral schools, including the number of PhD students allowed per HDR. Each team can submit no more than 2 project proposals.
Date: from 20 December 2022 to 10 January 2023 

Eligibility check and posting of applications : Verification of the number of projects submitted per team and HDR eligibility
Date: from 10 January 2023 to 16 January 2023

Publication of the PhD proposal on the DIM C-BRAINS website by 16 January 2023

Student applications :

Application file: The applicant is expected to complete an application file on the DIM C-BRAINS platform and to indicate his/her interest in a maximum of two projects. The applicant must indicate in his/her application 1 to 2 reference contacts with their contact details for possible contacts by the researcher.
Deadline for applications: 3rd March 2023

Review, interview and selection of applications by each researcher:

See Guidelines

• The researcher chooses the candidates whom they wish to interview
• The researcher should indicate on the platform: Rejeté, Liste d'attente, Sélectionné
Deadline: 24 March 2023

Researcher + candidate pair formalized
Deadline: 31 March 2023

Pre-selection of pairs “1 researcher + 1 student “ by ad hoc jury
Date : 21 April 2023 

Interviews and selection for pre-recruitment by ad hoc jury.
Date: 22-23-24 May 2023

Mandatory response date for candidates: 2 June 2023

Final recruitment and enrollment in doctoral schools : 26 June 2023 for registration at a doctoral school with work contract signed on 01/10/2023

Opening of the call
20 December 2022
Deadline of the call
19 February 2023
Appel à projet équipement 2022-23

The research topics addressed by this call for proposals :

  • Should preferably fall within one of the three priority areas guiding the actions of C-BRAINS: 

Axis 1: Genetic approaches to the study of the brain

Axis 2: Quantitative approaches to the exploration of behavior and cognition

Axis 3: Data analysis, computational modeling and artificial intelligence.

  •  They may be associated with one of the two structuring initiatives set up by the C-BRAINS DIM in the form of networks of scientific and technological platforms: 

1- Organoids and human cells

2- Human and animal cognition in real and virtual environments

If you wish to submit a project within the framework of the structuring initiatives, we recommend that you contact the steering committees of each of these platform networks, in order to ensure the coordination and integration of applications.

Each equipment project submitted to the C-BRAINS DIM must therefore :

- either be integrated into one of the structuring initiatives listed on the C-BRAINS IMG website, which are exclusively dedicated to regional networks of technological and scientific platforms; or - be submitted individually as part of the generic call for projects.

Particular attention will be paid to the federative and structuring character of the equipment request, for the local or regional community. 

As such, it must involve several clearly identified Ile-de-France teams. The conditions for pooling the equipment and its contribution to the existing local or regional community must also be specified. 

NB: If several projects are submitted by one or more teams from the same research center or unit, the director of the center or unit must specify the descending order of priority of the requests.  

The ranking of the projects will be carried out by the Scientific Council of the DIM C-BRAINS.

The selection of projects to be funded will be based on this ranking and will be made by the C-BRAINS Executive Committee.

The closing date of this call is Friday, February 17, 2023 at midnight.

Any project received incomplete will be considered ineligible and only projects submitted before the deadline will be considered.

For more information on this call for proposals: aap@dim-cbrains.fr

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