DIM C-BRAINS: Cognition and Brain Revolutions: Artificial Intelligence, Neurogenomics, Society

The objective of the DIM C-BRAINS is to remove the technological, conceptual and organizational barriers that are hindering progress in research to resolve the complexity of the brain and make our region a major focus for innovation in health and beyond.

The DIM C-BRAINS aims to: 

  1. Facilitate development and access to advanced technologies 
  2. Promote the development of innovative diagnostic and therapeutic approaches 
  3. Promoting the training of a new generation of researchers 
  4. Support the transfer of knowledge and its industrial valorization Inform the general public about the challenges of this research and their impact on our daily lives 

The DIM C-BRAINS develops around 3 axes: 

  • Genomics, human cells, reprogramming and neuro-organoids
  • Quantitative approaches to exploring behavior and cognition
  • Artificial intelligence Neural networks, modeling and artificial intelligence

Each axis corresponds to a major scientific challenge and brings together a community of research teams with specific scientific questions and programs, different methodologies and technological needs, all working towards a common goal: understanding the brain, its diseases and cognition.

Intervention mode of the DIM C-BRAINS:

The DIM C-BRAINS organizes several calls for projects each year:

  • Federating equipment (small and medium-sized equipment)
  • Scientific events
  • Doctoral grants for foreign students

Each call for projects is accompanied by an explanatory note defining the application procedures.

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