Paris Region: PhD program 2023

The Île-de-France Region supports scientific employment in line with the needs of companies by co-financing doctoral grants.

Eligible projects must be related to the theme of an IMG and involve a laboratory and a socio-economic partner.

The expected research projects will target the issues of digital development of companies and will focus on research topics related to the economic and social challenges met by the Île-de-France Region within the framework of the DIM and QIM.


The elected members of the Ile-de-France Region's Standing Committee, meeting on July 05, 2023, approved the funding of 2 PRPhD 2023 projects for the C-BRAINS DIM.

  • Research project title: "Visual restoration by sonogenetic therapy: Recognition of complex shapes"- Thesis supervisor: Serge Picaud; Institut de la Vision
  • Research project title: "Natural Language Processing in Brain and Artificial Intelligence" - Thesis supervisor: Valentin Wyart; Laboratoire de Neurosciences Cognitives et Computationnelle.
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