Structuring and axis projects


Three main axes guide the actions of the DIM C-BRAINS in favor of neuroscience and cognitive science. Each axis corresponds to a major scientific challenge and brings together a community of research teams with specific scientific questions and programs, different methodologies and technological needs, while working towards a common goal: the understanding of the brain, its diseases and cognition.

Axis 1: Genomics, human cells, reprogramming and neuro-organoids

Axis 2: Quantitative approaches to the exploration of behaviour and cognition

Area 3: Neural networks, modelling and artificial intelligence

Structuring projects

The DIM C-BRAINS aims to structure and federate research and innovation in the fields of neuroscience and cognition in Île-de-France. To this end, the DIM C-BRAINS wants to set up networks of platforms to participate in the effort to bring communities together by encouraging the pooling of equipment and know-how and by providing training and information within the DIM C-BRAINS. To implement the actions of these structuring projects, a Committee has been set up with representatives of the main platforms in Ile-de-France.

Structuring project: Organoids and human cells structuring project

Structuring project: Human and animal cognition in real and virtual environments

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