[Equipment] A bidirectional biphoton microscope at the 'Institut des neurosciences Paris-Saclay

The : 30/11/2023

The nstitut des neurosciences Paris-Saclay (NeuroPSI - CNRS/Université Paris-Saclay) has acquired a biphoton microscope enabling high-resolution in vivo imaging of animals in behavioral situations. The biphoton microscope was delivered to NeuroPSI this summer, and training courses have already taken place. Two-thirds of the equipment was financed by the Île-de-France Region under the SESAME call for projects, and the other third by the CNRS. Such a facility is currently unique on the Saclay plateau, with a multi-head microscope specifically designed for shared operation within a platform dedicated to animal behavior research. This equipment will benefit all NeuroPSI teams, as well as neuroscientists in the Paris-Saclay and Île-de-France regions, and is also accessible to industrial companies.

For more information, click here.

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