[Conference] Scientific day - hiPS and organoids models - December 18, 2023

Organisée par l'IBPS et l'IFM

The : 18/12/2023

The IBPS and the IFM organize a scientific half-day ‘hiPS/organoid models’ on Monday December 18, 9am-1pm, in the IBPS conference room. 

  • This event will end with a buffet lunch.

The development of pluripotent stem cells and organoid models offers numerous opportunities for many of the research projects carried out at the IBPS and the IFM. This half-day event is for everyone, whether you already use these models, have plans to do so, or are simply curious. Scientific presentations will be followed by a discussion aimed at federating and structuring the forces present at the IBPS and the IFM. You'll find the program here.

Registration is not necessary, but the Organizing Committee ask you to let them know by November 22 using this survey if you plan to attend the lunch, so that they can organize it as best as possible.

Organizing Committee: Valérie Goguel (IBPS), Simona Gribaudo (IFM), Pierre Joanne (B2A), Sylvie Schneider-Maunoury (LBD), Aline Stedman (LBD)

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