Development, evolution and function on commissural systems


Axe 1 : Génomique, cellules humaines, reprogrammation et neuro-organoïdes

Axe 3 : Réseaux neuronaux, modélisation et intelligence artificielle

Team research topics:

Our team studies the mechanisms that govern the development of neuronal connections and their evolution. Our abilities to perceive the world in three dimension, to localize sounds in space and to coordinate the contractions of our muscles during walking, require neurons projecting axons from one side of the nervous system to targets located on the opposite side. These neurons, which in all bilaterally symmetrical animal species interconnect the two halves of the nervous system, are called commissural neurons. For over 20 years, we have studied the cellular and molecular mechanisms which control the development of commissures in the spinal cord, brainstem and visual system. We identified some of the cellular mechanisms that regulate cell-cell interactions during retina neurogenesis, angiogenesis, optic nerve myelination, optic nerve regeneration, and ocular vaso-proliferative diseases.  In recent years, we developed novel imaging techniques, particularly by combining tissue clearing and 3D light-sheet microscopy, to revisit nervous system development and embryology. We initiated the construction of the first 3D cellular atlas of the human embryo 


Main techniques used:

Light sheet microscopy, confocal microscopy, 3D Imaging, image analysis, virtual reality, deep learning, tissue clearing, neuroanatomy, transcriptomics, animal models (mice, fish, etc.), cell culture, proteomics, etc.

Address :
17 Rue Moreau, 75012, Paris

Team leader :
Alain Chedotal
Name of co-team leader :

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Website : Cliquez ici
Key words : #Développement #embryon #evolution #système #visuel #Imagerie #Development #embryo #evolution #visual #system #Imaging
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