Mechanisms of sensory map development


Axe 1 : Génomique, cellules humaines, reprogrammation et neuro-organoïdes

Axe 3 : Réseaux neuronaux, modélisation et intelligence artificielle

Team research theme:

Our team seeks to decipher the intrinsic mechanisms that govern the establishment and maintenance of connectivity between neurons. Abnormal development of neuronal connections is at the root of neurodevelopmental disorders ranging from cortical malformations to psychiatric illnesses, and contributes to the emergence of various neurodegenerative diseases. We aim to elucidate the fundamental mechanisms that enable developing axons to reach and choose their synaptic partners. We are particularly interested in the mechanisms that enable axons to interpret signals from their environment and convert them into morphological changes, thus influencing their connectivity.  

Main techniques and approaches used

Microscopy (FRET, TIRF, FLIM, STED, super-resolution), cell culture, animal models (mouse, zebrafish), cell-free reconstituted systems

Address :
17 Rue Moreau, 75012, Paris

Team leader :
Xavier Nicol
Name of co-team leader :

Administrative Contact Name :

Website : Cliquez ici
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