Auditory system dynamics and multisensory processing

Institut de l'Audition

Axe 2 : Approches quantitatives à l'exploration du comportement et de la cognition

Axe 3 : Réseaux neuronaux, modélisation et intelligence artificielle

Team research topics:

The objectives of our team are:

  1. to improve the description and computational models of auditory representations across the central auditory system,
  2. to understand the correlational   and causal relations between these representations and perception assessed through behavioral output,
  3. to explore how sensory representations interact across modalities and are influenced by brain state, past events and context
  4. to use this knowledge to design novel auditory rehabilitation strategies with implantation of auditory information at the cortical level.


Main techniques used:

To achieve our goals, we combine a wide range of experimental approaches, including two-photon calcium imaging, multi-channel electrophysiology, optogenetics and mouse behavior. We also use state-of-the-art mathematical analyses, theoretical models and deep neural network approaches.

Address :
63 rue de Charenton, 75012, Paris

Team leader :
Brice Bathellier
Name of co-team leader :

Administrative Contact Name :

Website : Cliquez ici
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